Midazolam is a muscle relaxing, sedative drug, which belongs to the benzodiazepines. It is a fast-acting drug that can be used for various causes. These include adminstration as a part of narcosis, as an anti-epilepticum and to reduce feelings of fear and unrest.

Applications of midazolam

Midazolam is a drug that acts upon the central nervous system by reducing the signalling. It reduces unrest, fear and can be used for acute management of epileptic seizures. Because of its various modes of action, the drug is used for various goals. In all cases however, the main goal is to make sure the body of the patient relaxes. Check the page applications for an overview of the applications of midazolam.

Midazolam dosage

The dosage of midazolam used, strongly depends on its application. The dosage adminstered for narcosis is obviously much higher than the dosage used when one needs to restore from chronic hiccupping. Furthemore, the condition in which the patient resides, is also an important determinant for the dosage of midazolam. Go to the pageĀ dosage for an overview and more information about possible midazolam dosages.

Midazolam side effects

Like any other drug, it also has side effects that can cause several problems for the patients. Drowsiness and tiredness are two of the most occurring side effects from midazolam-use. For some uses this is, however, an effect that is preferred. Other side effects include having trouble peeing and palpitations. Most patients do not experience all of these side effects at once or at all. It is, however, wise to be aware of the potential side effecs before using the drug. Visit the page midazolam side effects for an overview of the potential side effects of midazolam.

Midazolam nasal spray

Although midazolam is mostly adminstered in tablets or intra venous, midazolam in nasal sprays is used mostly for patients who suffer from epilepsy. During a epileptic seizure, bystanders can use the nasal spray to let the patient recover from the attack sooner. This way less damage is caused by the attack itself. On the page midazolam nasal spray we will further discuss this specific type of administration.