Midazolam dosage

Midazolam dosageMidazolam pills are produced in doses of 7,5 mg and 15 mg. The midazolam suspension that can be injected intravenously carry a dose of 5 mg midazolam per milliliter. The used midazolam dose varies alot, is midazolam is used in many different cases for different purposes. The midazolam nasal spray carries a dose of 2,5 mg midazolam per spray.

In addition to the fact that midazolam is used for many different purposes, the dosage also strongly depends on the patient. Some patients need a higher dose than other patients to induce the same effect.

Examples midazolam dosage

The dose of midazolam used in anesthesia is quite high, mostly around 25 mg of midazolam. This is administered intravenously. For general sedation, however, 10 mg is the highest dose used in most cases. This includes use in ambulances or the hospital to take away panic and fear, but also for use at home. The exact dosage used at home by the patient himself is determined in consultation with the doctor and pharmacy.

For an endoscopy the dosage is mostly between 3 and 5 mg midazolam. During epileptic seizures 5 to 10 mg of midazolam is administered using the nasal spay. Although midazolam habituation often occurs after using midazolam for a certain period of time, it is rarely decided to increase the dosage. Higher dosages increase the risk of addiction and dependance.