Midazolam applications

Midazolam applicationsLike mentioned before, midazolam has multiple applications. For different conditions and illnesses, midazolam can induce positive effects. Generally, midazolam is used to cause a certain state of tranquility and relaxation for the patient.

Sedation before surgery

Often, midazolam is used as a part of the anesthetic cocktail. Midazolam is used for full narcosis as well as local narcosis. Doctors can administer midazolam tablets or inject midazolam directly into the blood, dependant on the situation. The tablet will work after 30 minutes, the injection within 10 minutes. As well as the way of administration, the dose also differs, depending on the specific situation. For surgery, midazolam is the most important benzodiazepine, because of its short duration of action. For long operations, other benzodiazepines are mostly used, like lorazepam.

Fear and unrest

Fear and unrest is a broad concept in this case. In the hospital, but also in ambulances, both ground and aerial, midazolam is often administered. In hospitals this is, like mentioned above, mostly to sedate a patient for surgery. In ambulances it is often adminstered to induce more relaxation for the patient.

Fear, unrest and even panic, whether it is because of a certain health condition or the environment, is undesirable. The patient can be a danger for himself, but also for its environment. Midazolam relaxes the patient and takes away these dangers.


In the case of serious insomnia, doctors can decide to prescribe midazolam. As midazolam induces relaxation and drowsiness, it becomes easier to fall asleep. As midazolam has a short duration of action, it is not suitable when the patient wakes up alot during night. In these cases, other benzodiazepines such as oxazepam are suitable.


Just like other benzodiazepines, midazolam is also suitable to treat patients experiencing epileptic seizures. Diazepam is most used for this cause (also known by the brand names Valium and Stesolid). Midazolam, however, is also regulary used to help patients recover from epileptic seizures. During (serious) seizures, bystanders can use midazolam nasal sprays to help the patient recover from the seizure. You can read more about this on the page midazolam nasal spray.

Chronic hiccup

When patients are experiencing a chronic hiccup (more than 24 hours), doctors can decide to adminster midazolam. Midazolam forces the body to relax, including the muscles of diaphragm. The muscles relax and the hiccuping ceases.

Terminal illness

Midazolam is often administered to patients being terminally ill. This is to make sure the patient will not experience fear, stress or panic during the last periods of their live. Midazolam can also be used as a part of the anesthetics prior to euthanasia in countries where voluntary euthanasia is legal, such as the Netherlands.